The Bare Bones Theater Company has offered acting classes for adults on Long Island for over ten years. Many of our acting students have gone on to successful careers in local, regional, and even professional film or theater in the New York area and beyond. Our acting classes, and especially our end-of-session showcase performances, are recognized for their quality and innovation throughout the region.  Sounds interesting? If so, please feel free to browse our website.

Learn about our acting classes and more. If you’re still not sure, read what some of our past and present alumni have said by visiting our testimonials page. See you on the stage!

Who among us haven’t used our innate acting skills on our parents, from earliest infancy, to rescue ourselves from some pretty tight corners? Maybe that’s why so many adults spend their lives transforming this knack into an art form! “But,” the Beginning Student might say, “I may use acting in everyday situations, but I could never do it with a room full of strangers! Or memorize all those lines. Or get rid of my stage fright.” Jeff Bennett, Bare Bones Director, believes that everyone can indeed “act in front of other people” with truth, conviction, and poise. It’s a simple matter of acquiring a technique that transfers our energies from the jitters to the joy of creating a life for the character onstage. Jeff devotes his life teaching these skills, and his class is available to adults across Long Island.



The onslaught of electronic media has led many to regard live theater as “so last century”. But at Bare Bones we think it’s more relevant than ever. In a world where people (especially those under 35) prefer tweets and text messages to conversation, the live connection between audience and actors onstage is quickly becoming the last refuge for people who want to think and feel together under the same roof. Real theater – words spoken with real meaning, not puffy songs and special effects – can communicate ideas and stir emotions.

The Bare Bones Theater Company is committed to keeping that theatrical experience alive and relevant. Our school for actors gives everyone – beginner or experienced professional – a chance to develop the ability to speak those “words with meaning”. And our performance schedule – including student showcases, one-acts plays, and a production calendar that avoids the “easy sell” in favor of shows that challenge our audience to think and feel– makes that human connection available to the local community.

We are “Bare Bones” in name and philosophy: we focus on the power of the performance rather than the trappings of the stage. We present our work with minimal sets in a 70-seat box theater (a 19th-century dance hall, in fact), where the connection between actor and audience is nearly physical as well as emotional. Our work ranges from classics (“View from the Bridge”, “Streetcar Named Desire”), to thought-provoking contemporary dramas (“Brooklyn Boy”, “Six Degrees of Separation”), and thinking-man’s comedies (“Complete Works of William Shakespeare – Abridged”, and Woody Allen’s “Play It Again, Sam”).

While other Long Island theater companies aspire to “bring Broadway to Main Street”, our goal is to offer an “Off Broadway” experience that our community – and most especially the younger members of that community – desperately needs. To learn more about the Bare Bones Theater Company visit us online at www.barebonestheater.com, or contact one of us:

Lynn Antunovich and John Dorcic
Co-Artistic Directors

Jo Ann Katz
Managing Producer
Jeff Bennett
Founder and Artistic Director Emeritus

Bare Bones Theater Company, Inc, PO Box 653, Northport, NY 11768